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All Dry Boxes, Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinets & Baking Cabinets are quoted F.O.B. to your facility & are stocked in our duty free North American Warehouse. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

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Dryzone Dry Cabinets

The DryZone Series of Dry Cabinets specially designed for moisture sensitive packages and to comply with the industry standard J-STD-033B. DryZone Cabinets are plug and play and features a rugged design and are available in six different sizes.

F1 Ultra Dry Cabinets

The Dr. Storage F1 Series Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinets are specially designed for moisture sensitive devices of level 4, 5, 5A, or 6. The F1 series cabinets have humidity ranges of 1% RH, exceeding the requirements of IPC and Jedec J-STD-033.

Baking Cabinets

The T40W Baking Cabinet is designed to ensure it maintains a stable <5%RH and 40℃ environment. This speeds up the evaporation of moisture from parts and RESETS their FLOOR LIFE.  It is designed for specially SMD packages & complies with J-STD-033B.

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