• D1 & D2 | Dry Boxes & Dry Cabinets

    Our Ultra Low RH Dry Boxes & Dry Cabinets offer <1%RH & <2%RH and use Ultra-Low Humidity Technology to Comply with J-STD-033C.

    Each D1 & D2 Dry Box or Dry Cabinet Comes Standard with Humidity Manager Software V2 and RS-232 port, Interior LED Lights, Digital Display and Temperature/Humidity Alarms.


    D1 & D2 | Dry Boxes & Dry Cabinets
  • DryZone Series Dry Cabinets

    The DryZone Series of Dry Boxes & Dry Cabinets are our most popular & economical solution for MSD storage. It features plug and play technology, same rugged design as our X2M Series and available in 6 different sizes. They are specially designed for moisture sensitive packages and to comply with the industry standard J-STD-033B.

    DryZone Series Dry Cabinets
  • X2M Series Dry Cabinets

    X2M Ultra low humidity dry cabinet is a plug and play, fully auto-dry cabinet which stables the cabinet condition at <5%RH. There is no need to set the panel buttons at all. It is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with  J-STD-033B

    X2M Series Dry Cabinets
  • A20 Series Dry Cabinets

    A20 Series Dry Cabinets are designed to protect electronic gadgets and valuable collections from moisture damage. A20 Cabinets are adjustable from 20%RH to 50%RH. The interior environment is controlled by precise digital controller. All A20 Dry Cabinets come standard with Humidity Management Software.

    A20 Series Dry Cabinets
  • T40W Series Dry Cabinets

    The T40W Baking Cabinet is designed to ensure it maintains a stable <5%RH and 40℃ environment. This speeds up the evaporation of moisture from the components and RESETS their FLOOR LIFE. This Dry Cabinet is plug and play, full-auto dry oven which will be stable at 40℃ and ≦5%RH. It is specially designed for SMD packages & complies with J-STD-033B.

    T40W Series Dry Cabinets
  • We Stock All Models

    All Dry Boxes, Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinets & Baking Cabinets are quoted F.O.B. to your facility & are stocked in our duty free North American Warehouse.

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    We Stock All Models
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