Custom Built Cabinets

Contact us for a quote on your Custom Built Dry Cabinets. We have customized storage solutions that can meet any of you moisture sensitive device needs. Most models can accommodate Mydata feeder bins with either 7 inch or 13 inch reels.

Feeder Dry Cabinet

We have dry boxes that can accommodate different feeder types and shapes.
Custom Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, MSD Storage, Electronics Storage

Custom Dry Box with Feeder Storage


Humidity Range: ≦5%RH Outside Dimension: W715*D1200*H1825mm Capacity: 1400L Shelves: 3 shelves Color: black Voltage: 230V Display Precision: ±3%RH, ±1℃ Software: Humidity Manager V2 for drawing the curve of RH and temperature. Structure: 1mm thick carbon steel with antistatic paint. Door: Compression handles, airtight magnetic sealers and antistatic glass. Wheel: 4 antistatic 3” wheels, two of them with brakes. Grounding Wire: 1MΩ. (940mm long) ESD Paint: 103~109Ω. (surface resistance) Power Consumption: Ave. 105Wh; Max. 585W