Desiccant Cabinet Applications in Humidity Control

The number of opportunities for moisture related production faults can be reduced with the use of dry storage cabinets.

  • Active Devices
    Reduce moisture related damage to all types of active devices from PoP, Stacked Die, BGA, QFP, etc.
  • Passive Components and Connectors
    Prevent solder defects by reducing the potential for oxidation of leads caused by excessive moisture during storage and kitting
  • Circuit Boards
    Maintain accurate board dimensions with humidity controlled storage reducing board stretch and warp due to high moisture content
  • Ceramic and Blue Tape
    Protect substrates and base materials from high moisture content
  • Silicon Wafers
    Reduces contamination potential from particulates suspended in moisture droplets with a humidity controlled environment
  • Lead Frames & Carriers
    Controlled humidity increases the reliability of solder and wire bond points with reduced potential for oxidation
  • Fiber Optics
    Retards organic growth and maintains the condition of key fiber optics devices and components with a controlled environment.
  • Specialized Glass & Displays
    Provides a controlled environment between process steps for switchable glass (LCG) components

For more information see: SMT Dry Boxes Website