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Sensorlook Software

SensorLook software is used to monitor Dr.Storage dry cabinets, and can be adapted to other dry storage solutions.

■ It is the best humidity monitoring solution that provides remote monitoring and quality assurance
■ We have an RF solution or wireless Ethernet solution. The software is the same in both cases, the wireless transmission hardware is different.

Basically as the screen shot implies, Sensorlook enables you to monitor several dry boxes simultaneously. Monitoring is live, in real time at your remote computer. Data is also recorded and saved, and the amount of data is and duration is only limited by the size of your hard drive.

Transmission is wireless, we have two options. If RF is prohibitive, we have an wireless Ethernet solution. Installation of Sensorlook and it’s associated hardware is very easy and can be purchased at a later date.

We also have a new option component to Sensorlook called “Smart Camera” This needs to be quoted at time of purchase to be “Camera Ready”. Smart Camera, is a remote monitoring feature that records video, motion triggered, and you can record when and who has opened the box.

Additional options include things like…option for automatic dialing and text messaging to cell phone

NOTE: For SensorLook Auto Dialler, user will need to supply cell phone and cell phone service

Demo version of Sensorlook software is available for trial. All models are up-gradable except for the XC models, which do not come with an RS232 port.


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