Dry Cabinet Replacement De-Humidifiers

New and Refurbished De-Humidifier Replacements

After years of use your desiccant dry cabinet may be operating at less than 100% efficiency. In most cases this is caused by the shutters staying in the open position on the desiccant dryers system. If the issue is more severe the dehumidifier system itself might need to be replaced. Our New Dr. Storage Dryer Replacement Systems (D10-G21 & D10-G22) are easy to change, simply take the old one out and slip in the new one. Both the D10-G21 & D10-G22 versions are available in 110v and 220v.

Have an existing dryer that may not be functioning at full capacity? Contact us and we will send you a FREE Dehumidifier Dryer Troubleshooting Guide. Our guide will help identify and fix common dryer system problems and show if you need a replacement. Ask about our Desiccant Dryer trade-in program!

New Dryers: $595.00 U.S
Refurbish Existing Dryers: $295.00