Laboratory Applications of Dry Cabinet Storage

Samples, reagents, specialty glass, sensitive and calibrated laboratory equipment can be safely stored in humidity controlled cabinets. Critical reagents and control samples can change with time, temperature and humidity causing inaccurate results. Out-of-tolerance calibrations yield unusable data.
Storage Period Electric Dry Box Normal Storage Box
Immediate humidity level after storage 2.6% 2.6%
Humidity level after 30 days 2.6% 4.9%

Controlled Storage
Keep critical chemicals, samples, medicine and other dried materials in a controlled environment with dry cabinets. This method of storage can be used for any moisture sensitive agent, material or certified equipment.

Ultra-low humidity dry cabinet level 1-50% RH/2-50% RH Medium temperature baking 5-50%RH
Ambient temperature 50°C air circulation fan Mini-Clean room 8-50%RH
Class 100 Air purification

Low humidity dry cabinet level 30-50% RH Incubator Temperature control Ambient temperature +50°C -45°C (±1°C)
Note: Incubators do not have humidity control capabilities