QDB Smart Nitrogen Cabinets

QDB Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinets are designed to control the filling of user supplied dry air into the cabinet, so the desired relative humidity in the cabinet can be reached. The QDB Smart Nitrogen Cabinet is adjustable from 1%~50%RH. The dry air can be nitrogen, CO2 or inert gas. Nitrogen Gas is the most classic and common choice of dry air. The use of Nitrogen as a dry air protects components or samples sensitive to the level of ambient oxygen in the atmosphere and subsequent oxidization. This is the ideal cabinet when that is of a concern. Due to the nature of Nitrogen as a dry air, the QDB Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinets have a faster recovery rate than a desiccant dry cabinet. All QDB Dry Boxes come complete with a QDN filling module, digital display, RS-232 port, humidity manager software, antistatic package, locking doors, adjustable shelves, alarm, conductive wheels (except for the QDB-200), calibration reminder, and are black in color. This cabinet provides optimal protection for (but is not limited to) electronic components such as IC’s and PCBs . QDB Smart Nitrogen Cabinets are also available in Stainless steel  (QDB-600 & QDB-1200) upon special request and is the ideal design of cabinet for storing semi-conductors. Using user supplied Nitrogen gas with Dr. Storage’s QDB Smart Nitrogen cabinet, you will find a consumption of 30~60% N2 consumption can be saved. Upgrade any existing Nitrogen cabinet by adding a Dr. Storage Nitrogen Controller in order to save up to 60% on the consumption of Nitrogen gas. Tip: If you find you are opening the doors to your Dr. Storage desiccant dry box multiple times a day, add a QDN filling module to increase your recovery rate. Note: The QDB Series Dry Cabinet can only REMOVE moisture from the air according to the desired RH level set, but it cannot ADD moisture into the cabinet.

QDB 200 Smart Nitrogen Cabinet Capacity: 202L

QDB 400 Smart Nitrogen Cabinet Capacity: 411L

QDB 600 Smart Nitrogen Cabinet Capacity: 624L

QDB 1200 Smart Nitrogen Cabinet Capacity: 1250L