X2B Series | <5%RH Dry Cabinets

The Dr. Storage X2B Series of Industrial Quality Dry Cabinets are slightly more advanced than our entry level XC Series models.  Built to maintain an internal environment of <5%RH, they feature an added LED Display Control Panel to simultaneously display temperature & humidity values as well as an RS-232 port for data collection.

Designed to store and protect moisture sensitive devices (MSD), the X2B Series eliminates the oxidation of stored parts. Particularly useful in high tech manufacturing for storing SMT components, component reels, surface mount devices (SMD), electronic components, printed circuit boards (PCB) or precision metal parts. They can also protect miniature devices, pharmaceutical substance, biotic specimens, battery, crystal, IC package module, optical lens and scientific instruments.

All X2B Dry Cabinets are built to comply with the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 standards. Each model features Humidity Manager Software so that humidity and temperatures conditions inside the cabinets can be monitored and saved to the software, coloured graphs are drawn and the data can be used for validating processes and to show compliance to standards. Cabinets are supplied with an anti-static package, adjustable shelves, wheels (except the X2B-200 bench top), locking doors, storage bins (optional), decimal digital display, countdown calibration reminder and sensors with 2% accuracy.

Upgrade your X2B Series Dry Cabinet with a Dual Sensor Data Logger to record temperature and relative humidity data of the cabinet interior but also the ambient environment.

x2B 200 Dry Cabinet
<5%RH | Capacity: 202L

x2B 400 Dry Cabinet
<5%RH | Capacity: 411L

x2B 600 Dry Cabinet
<5%RH | Capacity: 624L

x2B 1200 Dry Cabinet
<5%RH | Capacity 1250L